About Solihull Music Service

Solihull Music Service: Lead partner in the Solihull Music Hub
Solihull is now proud to be the lead partner in the Solihull Hub for music education.


Telephone:0121 7432483

Twitter: @musicsolihull

Email: messages@solmus.solgrid.org.uk

For SMS teachers to login to live teacher click on link below.


Solihull Music Service is committed to working in partnership with schools and pupils to assist them in all forms of music making. It also enriches the lives of pupils and the community through the provision of a wide range of music making opportunities.

For information about what the Solihull Music Service offers please click on the links on the left hand side of the page.
Directions to Solihull Music Service (SMS)


9 thoughts on “About Solihull Music Service”

  1. Joycelyn Ople said:

    My son is pkaying Sax at school and his teacher adviced to join wind starter. How can we do it? Pls advice me pls.

  2. Anonymous said:

  3. IDA JEFf said:

    Hi My son has a good ear for music and likes recreating songs. Picking apart all the elements. He hears every instrument and then putting it back together. He has learned a little keboard and is enthused by music. He uses basic production tools on his computer to compose. He has autism and i am trying to find somwhere for him to persue his interest outside of the home. Is this something you could facilitate or could you recommend somewhere please x

  4. Hi Ya,
    My son is 5 yrs is there any provision for him to learn singing…as he makes up songs and sings them in a tune.How to enroll him.
    My daughter wants to learn guitar..how to enrol pls
    both of them go to Greswold school

  5. Mrs SC Lane said:

    I believe there is a parents evening later this month? Please could we book an appointment with Mr Salt as late in the evening as possible. Our daughter is Chloe Lane and she studies clarinet at Langley Secondary School on Thursdays. Many thanks. Mrs Lane

  6. Hi – how do I donate?

  7. jgiblin said:

    Hi there am trying to register my son to join after school piano lessons as advertised at OLOW school. I’ve registered but can you help me how to find the form to complete as when I get onto the site it freezes at select connection and select product.

  8. Sarah Pitchford said:

    My daughter is receiving Flute lessons without anette Kormann at St augustines Primary school. She will move to St Peters in September and it doesn’t look like the music service provides instrument lessons there. We would like her to continue with the music service and wondered how we go about getting private lessons and how much they cost. She has been doing the lessons with a friend and they have progressed through together at the same pace. Would it be possible for them to have a joint lesson? My daughters name Ian elouise Pitchford.

    Thank you.

  9. Kathryn Kendall said:

    Good morning
    My daughter Sophie Kendall took her Grade 1 guitar exam in June and we have not yet received her results. Other pupils who took guitar exams at the same time received theirs the week following the exam. Please can you let me know when we will receive the results?
    Many thanks

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