SYMSA 21 years old!
On Tuesday 24th September SYMSA (Solihull’s Young Musician Support Association) celebrated 21 years of age. SYMSA was set up to fund-raise and lend support to Solihull Music Service, as more pressure was placed on the councils budget.
SYMSA have raised near to £100,000 over their 21 years, that money has gone back into supporting the young children of solihull. Helping with the purchase of instruments, buying the van, supporting workshops, supporting festivals to name a few.
Volunteers help every night of the week with tuck shop and on Saturday mornings at SMC.
The event was attended by past and present members of SYMSA and the Mayor of Solihull Councillor Joe Tillsly. Music was provided by the music service group Fingers and Frets. Here’s to the next 21 years!!

Fingers and frets with the Mayor of Solihull

Richard Jones (SMS), Mayor of Solihull, Joyce Rothschild (SYMSA) and Tim Low (HOS)
Past and present members of SYMSA